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3 Bottles. 1 of each. Non Amendable.




Frédéric Cossard / Domaine de Chassorney


Frédéric Cossard created his domaine in 1996, deciding to adhere to strict principles, namely respect for the soil and the vine, and the most natural possible expression of the terroir. He does not come from a family of winemakers. His father worked in the milk trade and the same was for Frédéric, given his heritage and how difficult it is to acquire land in Burgundy, the grapes are purchased from vineyards that respect Cossard’s philosophy, that where herbicides and chemicals are banned and "natural" viticulture is practiced.



‘Bigotes’ Qvevri Blanc 2020


Bigotes is produced on a small parcel of Chardonnay in the Bourgogne appellation close to Puligny. It is counterpart to the red Bedeau. The vinification benefits from the smoothness, depth and gentleness of fermentation and ageing in qvevri, a buried amphora. The aromatic intensity is clear, with lemons and yellow fruits jumping from the glass. On the palate, tension, breadth, delicacy, a little fat and a lot of persistence. 


Volnay 2020


There is a beautiful symphony of fruits here, with red and black berries coursing through the wine, with ground spices, dried truffle and game too. The generous flavours are held up by velveteen tannins and bright acid, meaning this isn't a shrinking violet. 2020 was hot, it was difficult to make wines that don’t appear jammy in their youth, but the best winemakers seem to achieve great wines whatever the cards dealt. Cossard’s deft touch, paired with his farming methods keep freshness at the core.


‘Bedeau’ Rouge 2020


A masterclass in Pinot Noir in the natural wine world. This is crystalline, focused, mineral to it’s core. Drink it!


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