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3 bottles. 1 bottle of each. Non Amendable.




Mythopia / Hans-Peter Schmidt


‘Mythopia’ - natural wines made from pure grapes with the music of wild bees and the vistas of Swiss mountain sides high in the alps in Valais, 800 to 900m above sea level. Hans-Peter Schmidt turned the vineyard into a “vine” garden. From day one (2004), he rejected the use of any herbicide or pesticide, and has instead planted trees, flowers, plants, he installed bee-hives, lots of stones for the lizards, cultivated fruits and vegetables in between the rows. Augmenting and enriching biodiversity, reactivating the soil, giving back this complex balance to terroir, in order to gain more quality and aromas in his fruit. Hans-Peter favours very long ageing in older, larger casks, without any unnecessary intervention.



‘Finito’ Sylvaner 2017


Just 1 barrel made of this wine, fermented on skins for 6 months and spent 4 years in barrel before bottling. Intense, savoury orange wine.



‘Pi-No’ 2017


Pinot Noir with 2-5 months skin contact then aged in 400 Litre barrels. The slopes for this wine benefit from warmer winds than other Mythopia Pinot cuvees. This is more a wine to drink on its own - fascinating and delicious.



‘Insoumis’ 2017


Pinot Noir, 2 Years in barrel. Deep purple in colour, deep and brooding in it’s soul. Dark fruits, blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrant. A powerful, savoury Pinot.


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