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Learn, talk and taste in a private & intimate group setting

"What is Organic and Biodynamic wine?’
'What is Natural Wine?’ 

Join our Introduction to Natural Wine to learn all you need to know. Our team of sommeliers have been exploring Natural Wine for the best part of a
decade, from all over the world.

There's a lot to know, and an Introduction to Natural Wine is the perfect way to explore and deconstruct the jargon. 'Organic', 'Biodynamic', 'Minimal Intervention', 'Preservative Free' all get thrown around a lot, along with the myriad of styles of wine from Pet Nats, to Orange Wine or Skin Contact, Piquette to Vin Jaune.

We will guide you through in a fun, informative 2 hour Introduction to Natural Wine including tasting various styles, that will leave you and your pals feeling confident in why drinking Natural Wine will become infatuating and a lifelong pursuit of ever changing wonder."

$70 pp | 2 hrs | 3-6 ppl

for bookings or more info contact us below

Intro to Wine
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Introduction to Natural Wine

A private class for 3-6 people, to learn, talk & taste. 


Natural, organic, biodynamic & minimal intervention wines.


Includes tasting.

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